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November 20 - First Salvo 4.1 release, PIC32 now Supported

The first Salvo 4.1 release is now available, and it targets the Microchip PIC32™ series of high-performance 32-bit embedded controllers.

Salvo v4.1 includes simplifications to the user interrupt control hooks. Salvo 4 for other targets will be released soon.

October 22 - New Reseller in Italy

Pumpkin is happy to announce that the Salvo RTOS can now be purchased through our Italian reseller, Fenway Embedded Systems.

Recently, Pumpkin worked with Fenway's Mr. Fabio Portaluppi to aid a customer in porting Salvo 4 for ARM to the ARM Development Suite (ADS) 1.2 -- a toolset that is not yet formally supported by Salvo -- for use on the Samsung S3C4480x ARM7 target.

September 14 - Salvo 4.0.2 Released

A Salvo Pro for ARM user has identified an error in the Salvo code that occurs when configuration options are used in a non-default manner. Service Bulletin SB-30 has been issued, and all current Salvo 4 releases have been updated.

August 23 - Big-endian ARM7TDMI Support Added

Salvo for ARM now supports big-endian as well as little-endian ARM7TDMI targets. Support is initially with IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and support for other compilers will follow.

August 21 - Reference Manual for MPLAB C30 Added

The Salvo Compiler Reference Manual for Microchip's MPLAB C30 C compiler (for use with PIC24® MCUs and dsPIC30F & dsPIC33F DSCs) is now online.

June 15 - Artist Matt Kalinowski uses Salvo

San Francisco artist Matt Kalinowski is using the Salvo RTOS with GCC on an ATMega8 to create his computer art project Squid.

"In my application (Squid), the uc receives ~200 serial motion commands per second, while processing adc and updating the panel. I created interrupt handlers for the time sensitive code, and a fairly deep producer/consumer queue for the i/o. Salvo really helped keep the control structure clean."

Pumpkin offers educational discounts to qualified organizations and individuals, as well as discounts to artists like Matt.

June 14 - Salvo for ARM Updated

Salvo for ARM has been updated with new projects for IAR EWARM and the Atmel AT91SAM7S-EK evaluation board.

Additionally, simulator-based projects for IAR EWARM compatible with all ARM7TDMI variants are also included.

January through May - Pumpkin Focused on Space

For the last many months, Pumpkin has been focused primarily on its second business unit, Work has included fine-tuning Salvo 4 and assisting customers with their first satellites.

We're very happy to announce that all this effort has paid off and has been a resounding success. Please see the CubeSat Kit news page for more information on what we've been up to.

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