December 3, 2000 - PICC-18 Enters Salvo Beta Certification

HI-TECH's PICC-18 compiler for the Microchip PIC18 series of PICmicros has passed its alpha certification tests for use with Salvo.

The upcoming Salvo v2.2 will be the first Salvo version to include support for the PIC18 family and PICC-18.

November 28, 2000 - CubeSat Kit Proposal

New Product Brief NPB-1 outlines Pumpkin's plans for the new CubeSat kit. You can download / view this Proposal here.

Please make your comments in the CubeSat forums.

November 25, 2000 - App Notes and Patches

Added Application Note AN-5 "Using Salvo with Microchip MPLAB-ICD" for users developing 16F87X Salvo applications with the ICD.

Added patchdemo210c.exe. This installer, to be used only with the downloadable Salvo demo installer v2.1.0, contains the missing files that are required when using the Salvo freeware libraries.

October 2000 - Upcoming Releases

Salvo v2.1.0 (array-based, with fully deterministic constant-speed run-time behavior) is now in alpha testing.

The Salvo port to Microchip's MPLAB-C18 ANSI C and HI-TECH's PICC-18 compilers for use with PIC18 PICmicro devices is also underway.

September 26-28, 2000 - ESC 2000 West

Many visitors saw us at the Embedded Systems Conference September 26-28 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, in booth #145 (HI-TECH Software). We had a great show!

In the booth we were busy demonstrating a multitasking Salvo application that manages 7 prioritized tasks, an idle task, 5 semaphore events, 8-bit delays via the programmable system timer, and tasks waiting on semaphores, all running on a Microchip PIC16C77. This Salvo application consumed only 92 RAM bytes and approximately 1200 ROM words, leaving 272 RAM bytes and almost 7K ROM words available for your application.

Some of the visitors to our booth expressed surprise that an RTOS can run on a PIC. But seeing is believing, and after discussing the finer points of PIC compilers, interrupt latencies, code structure and real-time performance with them we hope they left with a new outlook on PICmicro development. And with our web site CD-ROM in their hands ...

ESC2000 West Salvo Show Flyer (.pdf)