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December 31, 2003 - First CubeSat Kits Done by Year's End

The first three MSP430-based CubeSat Kits have passed initial burn-in and testing. 2004 will see the formal release of this exciting new product.

Happy New Year to all in 2004!

November 20, 2003 - New Reseller in Israel

Salvo is now available in Israel through SightSys.

November 11-13, 2003 - At TI's U.S. MSP430 Advanced Technical Conference

Pumpkin will be at the U.S. MSP430 ATC in Ft. Worth, Texas as a third-party presenter Nov. 11-13.

You can view the Salvo presentation here.

October 22, 2003 - Salvo v3.2.3 Released

The Salvo v3.2.3 release is progressing, with distributions being updated as testing is completed.

October 21, 2003 - avr-gcc Now Supported

The Salvo for Atmel AVR and MegaAVR distributions fully support GNU's avr-gcc C compiler as of the v3.2.3 release.

October 16, 2003 - RM-PICC18 Updated

In order to better answer tech support queries regarding which Salvo libraries to use with particular PIC18 processors (e.g. the PIC18F6220), we've updated the Salvo PICC-18 Compiler Reference Manual to clarify the situation ...

October 9, 2003 - The CubeSat Kit is Back!

In late 2000, Pumpkin proposed a CubeSat Kit. Many revisions later, the Pumpkin CubeSat Kit is now a reality, with the first three units already in the hands of our customers. We've re-opened the CubeSat Forums, and also created a CubeSat file area.

To infinity, and beyond!

August 18, 2003 - New Reseller in Europe

Salvo is now available in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK through COMSOL GmbH.

August 15, 2003 - Salvo tiny Now Included in ImageCraft ICC

Salvo tiny is now available free for ImageCraft ICC users. Read all about it here.

August 6, 2003 - Salvo v3.2 Released

Salvo v3.2 is now available. This release incorporates many user-friendly additions. A short list of new features is available here.

June 20, 2003 - Recent News

ImageCraft has now joined the list of worlwide Salvo resellers. Salvo is available for use with ImageCraft's ICC11, ICCAVR and ICC430 compilers.

Salvo v3.2 is nearing full release status. We've been making various changes to the Salvo installers and to our website in order to support future growth.

April 23-25, 2003 - Come See Us at ESC 2003 West

We'll be at the Embedded Systems Conference 2003 in San Francisco.

Come by booth 833 (HI-TECH Software) to see how Salvo can simplify your embedded designs.

April 21, 2003 - Salvo for DSP56800 Distrbution on the Horizon?

A third party is currently porting Salvo to Motorola's DSP56800 MCU/DSP hybrid controller with the Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE. Look for a full release in the coming weeks.

April 18, 2003 - New Reseller for Portugal and Spain

eclo, LDA now offers Salvo for its embedded customers in Portugal and Spain.

April 14, 2003 - Salvo for Atmel AVR and MegaAVR Now Available

Salvo for Atmel AVR and MegaAVR is now available. This is the first v3.2 release, which includes cyclic timers and a few enhancements to the core Salvo code.

Salvo's performance on AVR is impressive, especially with regard to RAM usage.

This new distribution is initially supported by the ImageCraft ICCAVR compiler. We plan to support additional compilers in future releases.

March 21, 2003 - Improved, Integrated Documentation

The upcoming v3.2 release will be the first to include compiler reference manuals in each distribution. This should simplify finding compiler- and target-specific settings for each Salvo distribution.

March 20, 2003 - Support for CrossWorks Complete

The latest Salvo release for MSP430 now contains the full set of tutorial and example projects, as well as complete libraries for CrossWorks for MSP430.

Also, App Note AN-23 explains how to create Salvo projects in CrossStudio for MSP430.

March 6, 2003 - Salvo for MSP430 Supports CrossWorks

Salvo now supports Rowley Associates' CrossWorks for MSP430. Currently a beta release is available to Salvo Pro users only. A full release will follow.

February 18, 2003 - New Canadian Reseller

Ximetrix now offers Salvo for its embedded customers.

February 13, 2003 - New App Note for Unsupported Tools

App Note AN-22 is now available.

Users of tools we have not yet certified (e.g. Microchip's MPLAB v6) can use this App Note as a guide to configuring Salvo projects.

February 5, 2003 - New Resellers, New Distributions

We've add three new Salvo resellers in Canada (Joral Technologies), India (Embedded Systems Solutions, a subsidiary of ESA Pvt. Ltd.), and the USA (Quadravox, Inc.).

Additionally, we've developed two new, lower-cost Salvo distributions: Salvo tiny and Salvo SE. You'll find more information here. Salvo SE for AQ430 is the first such distribution, and it's available directly from Quadravox.

January 22, 2003 - App Note for TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs

App Note AN-21 is now available for users of Salvo for TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs. It explains how to build Salvo applications within Code Composer Studio 'C2000.

January 15, 2003 - Salvo Now Supports TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs

Salvo for TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs v3.1.1 is now available. It supports TI's Code Composer Studio IDE.

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