Products: Salvo

The RTOS that runs in tiny places.™

The main Salvo distributions are listed below. Each distribution is for a particular family of microcontrollers, e.g. the 8051 family or Microchip PICmicro MCUs.

  • Salvo Lite. Freeware. You can create fully working applications with Salvo Lite. Offers Salvo's basic functionality with a limited number of tasks and events. Suitable for small multitasking applications. Recommended for beginners.
  • Salvo LE. The numbers of tasks and events in your application are limited only by available RAM. Move up from Salvo Lite when your application grows. Suitable for medium-sized applications that can get by with Salvo's basic features. Recommended for users with some Salvo Lite experience.
  • Salvo Pro. Highly configurable for the ultimate in flexibility. Includes source code. You can tailor Salvo for your particular application by using Salvo's configuration parameters. Necessary when RAM and ROM are at a premium. Recommended for all developers.

Special Salvo distributions that are available from tools vendors only include:

  • Salvo tiny. Compiler-specific. A stripped-down version of Salvo with minimal functionality and support.
  • Salvo SE. Compiler-specific. An entry-level version of Salvo with limited functionality and support.

Further information on all the Salvo distributions can be found here.