Products: Salvo

The RTOS that runs in tiny places.™

Salvo's modest ROM and miniscule RAM requirements mean that you can have event-driven, priority-based, multitasking applications in nearly any single-chip microcontroller, with plenty of room left for your application. With Salvo, you can:

  • Implement new designs quickly
  • Enhance functionality using existing resources
  • Improve real-time performance
  • Multitask
  • Use memory efficiently
  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize reliability

Pumpkins' customers use Salvo in a wide range of applications around the world.

Salvo is available in a wide range of distributions suited to your needs.

To learn more about Salvo, download the at-a-glance specification sheet below.

To evaluate Salvo, download, install and use Salvo Lite.The ROM and RAM requirements of Salvo Lite applications can be used to accurately predict the memory requirements of larger Salvo applications.

To purchase Salvo, contact a reseller or go directly to our web store. More information is listed here.

Salvo Flyer (Specifications Sheet)
Salvo Versions (Lite, tiny, SE, LE & Pro) Matrix
Pumpkin Price List (Salvo and other Products)
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