Before Purchasing Salvo
Before purchasing Salvo through a reseller or from Pumpkin directly, please:
  • ensure that you are using a supported target microcontroller,
  • obtain a supported compiler,
  • download Salvo Lite and use it to create a multitasking Salvo application on your target, using your own compiler (you can use the tutorial and example projects as a starting point),
  • evaluate Salvo's memory (RAM and ROM) requirements to ensure they are compatible with your application,
  • review the Pumpkin Salvo License (part of every Salvo installation, including Salvo Lite), and
  • read our Refund Policy Statement.

A working Salvo Lite application on your target microcontroller is a good indication that Salvo Pro, with all of its configuration options, will work in your application.

If your target microcontroller is not yet supported by Salvo, if you are unable to create a working Salvo application on your target, or if you have any further questions or concerns, please consult the Salvo User Forums, contact our support staff at, or contact Pumpkin directly.

Refund Policy and Limited Warranty on Media

Pumpkin wants you to be happy with your Salvo purchase. That's why Pumpkin invites you to test drive Salvo before you buy. You can download and evaluate the fully functional Salvo demo version (Salvo Lite) from the Salvo web site. If you have questions while you are using Salvo Lite, please don't hesitate to consult the Salvo User Forums, contact our support staff at, or contact Pumpkin directly.

Because of this free evaluation practice, and because the purchased version contains the complete source code for Salvo, Pumpkin does not offer refunds on software purchases.

Pumpkin will replace defective distribution media or manuals (where applicable) at no charge, provided you return the item to be replaced with proof of purchase to Pumpkin during the 90-day period after purchase. More details can be found in Section 11 Limited Warranty on Media of the Pumpkin Salvo License.

Printed Manuals
A printed version of the Salvo User Manual manual is available for purchase.