Salvo™ is the first Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed expressly for very-low-cost embedded systems with severely limited program and data memory. With Salvo, you can quickly create low-cost, smart and sophisticated embedded products. Pumpkin™ has currently certified Salvo for use with:

  • 8051 family and its derivatives
  • ARM® ARM7TDMI® and Cortex™-M3
  • Atmel® AVR® and MegaAVR
  • Epson S1C17 family
  • Motorola M68HC11
  • TI's MSP430 Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller
  • Microchip PIC12|14000|16|17|18 PICmicro® MCUs
  • Microchip PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs
  • Microchip PIC32™ MCUs
  • TI's TMS320C2000 DSPs

Below is an actual email from a Salvo user who runs Salvo 4 in a C++ environment on the Atmel AT91SAM7 (ARM7 TDMI) target using the IAR C/C++ Embedded Workbench for ARM toolset:


My project using Salvo Pro is coming along great, almost ready to release v1.0. I just wanted to drop you an email telling you how much easier my (engineering) life is with Salvo! I have been able to add significant complexity without convoluting the structure, and the resulting C++ code is clean, fast and robust.

Performance of my system has exceeded my expectations, so not only has using Salvo not been a 'performance hit', it has in fact increased overall responsiveness and speed. Salvo is responsible for: button debounce, event queueing from buttons and sensors, graphics animation scheduling and delay, button auto repeat (using your super cool CyclicTimer facility), sensor processing, and USB driver. Furthermore, by buying Salvo Pro I'm able to build exactly the facilities I need and by compiling with OS Error checking I've saved a lot of debugging time by simply stepping into your source code to understand what I needed to change.

A key implementation effort for me was to improve battery life by putting the processor to slow mode, triggered by the OSIdlingHook(). This works incredibly well yet is literally one line of code! At this point, I use seven tasks (priority is vital to me for clean and robust interactions), two message queues, two binary semaphores and one CyclicTimer. So, thank you for such a nice product and for making life a bit easier for engineers like me!

Best of luck to you in all your projects, and I would be pleased to be a reference for you to help spread the word on how much better building compact real-time code is with Salvo!

Steve Vollum, Precision Innovations


Salvo is easy to use. With it you can get your next embedded product to market quickly and stay ahead of your competitors. Salvo is highly configurable and scalable, with a full set of run-time features including priority-based, cooperative multitasking, event services, real-time delays and elapsed-time services. Salvo is affordable and royalty-free. Join Global 100 companies, universities, governmental organizations, engineering firms and individuals on six continents today and discover the power of Salvo!

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